Writing a theatre play: The Canterville Ghost

A l’assignatura d’anglès, els alumnes de 2n d’ESO han redactat un article sobre el llibre ‘The Canterville Ghost’. L’adjuntem a continuació.

We are Lucas, Quique, Clara, Paula and Sara from the English class of 2nd ESO. Last month, we read a book called ‘The Canterville Ghost’. It’s about a very proud American family that moves to England. They settle in the Canterville Chase, a mansion haunted by a ghost, the Canterville Ghost. It teaches us that love is stronger than life and death, and that everything is possible with that feeling.

As we enjoyed the book so much, we would like it to be longer, because it has a lot of witty humour and it takes you to a fantastic world. As it is so well-written, it’s easy to imagine all the scenes. All the jokes about American’s personality were so exaggerated that we laughed a lot of times with their hilarious situations.

Now, in groups, we are preparing a theatre play about the book. We have realised how fun it is to act as if we were the characters of the story, with their awesome attitudes and feelings. All of them are so different!

In fact, Oscar Wilde, who is the Irish author that wrote this amazing book in the 19th century, had a very creative idea. In our opinion, it is a very good book that we would recommend to everyone!