Writing Contest

Aprofitant la recent festa de Sant Jordi, els alumnes de 1r i 2n de la ESO van escriure un relat breu a classe d’anglès. Tots van tenir l’oportunitat de llegir les històries dels seus companys i votar les que més els agradaven. Els guanyadors van ser els següents:

1r d’ESO: 1r premi: Daniel Jordana i Alejandro Fernández. Accèssit: Ana Gil i Maria Rovira.

2n d’ESO: 1r premi: Víctor Kallenbach i Lucas Burnette. Accèssit: Sara Yebra i Bruno Bernadás.

Can Detention be Exciting?

I was surprised when I was in detention because Mrs Smith caught me using the mobile phone in class. Well, by the way, my name is Paul and I´m the person who’s been punished more times at school. What was I saying? Well, I was in detention looking at the blackboard and suddenly I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was in the middle of a giant field without grass, and out of nowhere a piece of giant chalk drew an atom and I knew where I was; I was in science, but in the blackboard!

Suddenly the atom’s core opened and something was waving at me, so I went running and it was a proton. The proton was always happy, because like I learned in science, it was a positive part that is very small of an atom. Then I met a neutron. I was almost scared of being with it, because it wasn’t happy or sad; its eyes weren’t tired or anything, they were emotionless, and the neutron did nothing. And last of all, I met an electron. It was always sad and negative and, when it was angry, huge lightings were all over the room. Suddenly, everything was shacking and the atom was destroyed.

A few moments later the chalk reappeared, but this time doing maths. They were doing equations, and like the exam was the next day I decided to practice. When maths finished, I was thinking how to get out of there and, in my head, an idea popped.

I remembered Mr Blunt talking about inertia, the force that causes an opposite reaction. If I got inside the blackboard looking at it and then falling asleep, if I looked outside and fell asleep, would I leave the blackboard?

When I got out everyone was looking at me with strange faces, but then everyone and I learned something valuable: detention is no always boring.

Daniel Jordana

The Best Friends

I was surprised when my best friend, Jim, slapped me on the face. We were walking to play a soccer match, because we play in the same team, we are also neighbours and our houses are far from the stadium. On the trip, we have to cross a beach, the case is that we go together to the soccer trains and stuff like that.

He slapped me on the face because I said that my soccer team was better than his team, so that was the reason why he slapped me. I wrote in the sand: “My best friend slapped me”. Then he turned, to me and asked:

–What did you write?

–I don’t know, when you write on the sand it spoils– I answered

–Okay–said Jim with a face of contempt.

We kept walking and we had to climb a high mountain that had a precipice that was very dangerous. When we walked near the precipice, I fell off and I thought I was going to die, but my best friend grab me and I didn’t fell. I was okay and I wrote on a rock:

“My best friend saved my live”. He asked me the same as the other time and I replied:

–When you write on a rock what happen, it doesn’t spoil. This is like our friendship, if something bad happens to our relationship, we have to forget and look forward but, if something good happens, we have to remember all our lives.

We forgave each other and we lived well all our lives.

Alejandro Fernández

The Story of my Life

I was surprised when I got hired. I didn’t know I was capable of doing the job. They just asked for my name. Benicio now was my boss. I asked what I had to do and they told me to be patient. Benicio put a gun over the table and smiled.

–I don’t want the job! I quit!

– You’re already in; otherwise we would have to kill you.

I calmed down and said:

–What do I have to do?

–We want you to fake the President’s death.

I thought maybe they would let me go after that, but I was wrong. I did the job. Benicio didn’t let me go so I started thinking about escaping. I tried to escape twice and Benicio hurt me and told me that next time he would kill me. So my next attempt had to be perfect. Actually, it was, I got away. When I got away I knew I couldn’t stay much longer, so I left the country. I changed my name and started writing, writing about the story of my life. Writing always with the purpose of showing the people that between us, there are some very bad people that we must send to jail.

Víctor Kallenbach

The Unknown Blurry Figure

I was surprised when I saw the bright red flames bursting out of the building. I wasn’t aware of the fact that there was a fire, due to my vacation to the Bahamas, and I didn’t think that something like this would’ve happened while I was gone.

Suddenly, I realized, to my horror, that I had left my cat at home; I had to decide between saving my life or risking mine to save his. Then, I thought about all the things he had helped me with. Besides, he was also the only company I had. “I must go get him!” I told myself.

Moments later, I found myself running into the building, trying to save my cat. I quickly ran up the stairs, undamaged by the fire. I reached into my pocket to get a hold of my key and opened the door of my apartment. I found my cat in a corner, unable to move. I grabbed him and started to run back down the stairs. In the blink of an eye, the whole floor fell down and I thought I broke my back. My cat was intact, but that didn’t matter; the flames were catching up to us and I was starting to feel the heat.

I thought it was the end but, suddenly, I spotted a blurry figure coming towards me and picking me up. I held on tightly to my cat and remembered no more. Next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital and, to this day, I still don’t know who saved my life.

Lucas Burnette